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Download Music To Your iPhone Free: Have you been looking for a way to download music to your iPhone? Then you’re on the right site. Most iPhone users, especially those that started using the device recently still find it hard to download songs. The reason being that having switched from an Android to an iPhone, downloading songs on both devices differs. That’s why you need to read through this article so you can see some top-notch apps that will help you download music to your iPhone…

It can be quite tricky to download music to your iPhone compared to the method of your previous Android phone. Just note that this is not the regular procedure where you’ll have to rove around web browsers before you can be able to download songs. With the help of some iOS apps, you can easily download music to your iPhone.

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Download Music To Your iPhone
Download Music To Your iPhone

iOS Apps That Will Help You Download Music To Your iPhone

We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best iOS apps together with their respective links, that will help you download music to your iPhone for free.
We’re going to highlight them alphabetically below:

APPLE MUSIC – Download Link

Apple Music is one of the best, if not the best music app used by iOS users. Its popularity has made it grown rapidly with about 30 million+ users of this app across the globe, and it’s also available for Android devices as well. Interestingly, the app also has its own radio station.
Apart from downloading songs with the app, you can as well be able to create playlists and share music tracks with your friends online.


Google Play Music is another viable app you should try out. There are lots of interesting music collections available for you on the platform.
This app allows you to link with your Google account and other services. You can stream lots of songs and even listen to them offline as well. And also, you can as well share songs on your social media handle via this app.

PANDORA – Download Link

If you’re looking for a way to stream music or listen to your favorite radio channels, then you need to look at the Pandora app. You can save your favorite songs and listen to them later offline. You can still share your favorite songs with your friends if you want to.

SOUNDCLOUD – Download Link

SoundCloud remains one of the best music streaming and downloading platforms pit there for you. With over 120 million tracks, you also stand a chance to create playlists, download music offline, and as well share tracks with your friends.

SPOTIFY – Download Link

Spotify is one of the best and popular music streaming apps where you can download music to your iPhone easily. There are lots of songs to stream and download on Spotify for free. This app also allows you to search for multiple radio stations as well. You can also save songs offline on the app.
Interestingly, you can also download the app on Android, Blackberry, and other devices.

Download Music To Your iPhone