Download Doximity App 2021: Doximity Telemedicine free, computer, desktop, pc,

Download Doximity App 2021: Doximity Telemedicine free, computer, desktop, pc,

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Download Doximity App: If you need to get connected with your patients online wherever you are, then you need to download Doximity App. Doximity has really helped lots of health professionals to swift their daily clinical activities. So if you’re a physician, nurse practitioner, or even a medical student, then you surely need this app. It’s cool, convenient and 100% HIPAA secure, which is specifically developed to make your medical practices quite easier. We’re going to provide you with links that will enable you to download Doximity App.

Doximity has lots of interesting telemedicine tools specially made for you. Once you download Doximity App, you can be able to talk with your patients on voice calls, video calls, or voicemails. You can also use the app to locate other physicians or pharmacists, you can as well locate clinicians, send secure faxes irrespective of anywhere you are. Not only that, you can interestingly reconnect with medical colleagues, co-residents, or even old-time medical classmates.

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Download Doximity App
Download Doximity App: Doximity Telemedicine free, computer, desktop, pc,

How Do I Download Doximity APP?

You need to know that this app is not yet supported for all countries. So don’t be surprised if it’s not available in your country for now.

Download Doximity App for your iOS device on Apple Store here

Download for Android on Google Play Store here

What’s More

Doximity allows you to practice telemedicine anywhere and anytime, and it’s quite easy and convenient. All you just need is to dial your patient’s number so to start a video call. Your patient will be sent a text message from a Doximity number (that’s doesn’t need reply). You’ll have to wait cos your patient is going to get a notification before they enter the video conference. Just with a simple tap, you’ll be connected asap.

There’s a feature in the Doximity mobile app called “Doximity Dialer”. This allows you to call patients using your cellphone number while displaying any number of your choice on your patient’s caller ID, which is free and recommended for all healthcare professionals. Also, any user with a Dialer Pro License can also use Dialer with unlimited access.

How to Place a Dialer Video Call on the Mobile App

For now, Doximity Dialer only supports calls to and from U.S. mobile numbers.

  • The first thing is to open the Doximity app to Dialer
  • Enter your patient’s phone number
  • then tap on Video Call to start your call.

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Download Doximity App 2021: Doximity Telemedicine free, computer, desktop, pc,


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