How To Play Disney Tsum Tsum On Facebook Like A pro 2021

How To Play Disney Tsum Tsum On Facebook Like A pro 2021

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Disney Tsum Tsum on Facebook is an interesting casual puzzle game for all Facebook users out there. The basic rules of the game are quite simple. You’re to connect with three or more Tsum Tsum to gain points. There are some features associated with the game, such as Bingo Card, user ranking, and heart sharing features. So, therefore, players are allowed to collect new Tsum Tsum mainly by playing Mission Bingo Cards. Now read further below to see how the instant game “Disney Tsum Tsum on Facebook” works…

Having been developed by Game Closure Inc., on Facebook Messenger, the Disney Tsum Tsum game version can be played with any smartphone that can connect to the internet, be it Android or iOS devices. Although, you still have the chance to download the app version of the game either from the Google Play Store or App Store, which is available in over 154 countries and regions. But right here, we’re more focused on playing Disney Tsum Tsum on Facebook.

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Disney Tsum Tsum
Disney Tsum Tsum

How Do You Play Disney Tsum Tsum On Facebook?

Just like I told you, “You can play Disney Tsum Tsum on Facebook without the need for any downloads.” But before then, you’ll first need to log in to your Facebook, search for the game, click on it and start playing.

How then do you play?

  • All you need is to collect Tsum Tsum and set your favorite as “MyTsum.”
  • Connect three or more of the same Tsum Tsum to shoot them.
  • Eas Tsum Tsum has a different skill. So you need to use the one that matches your style of play, and then apply it to the best strategy that works for you.
  • The more Tsum Tsum you connect, the more points you accumulate.
  • You can switch off Fever Mode to gather more extra points as well.
Disney Tsum Tsum


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