Delete Someone from Facebook Messenger
Delete Someone from Facebook Messenger

If you’ve actually grown so tired of someone on Messenger, this site will teach you how you can be able to delete someone from Facebook Messenger so you can remove whomever you want to once they offend you. With this feature enabled, you can sure put an end to some unwanted bugging from other users.

Facebook Messenger is one of the coolest chatting app one can ever have. With the app, you can be able to send messages, share photos, videos, voice messages, voice and video calls, and also other transfers. So there’s no doubt that while using this app you’ll definitely enjoy it. But if you’re eventually using the app already, then you’re on the right site that will teach how to delete someone from Facebook Messenger.

Delete Someone from Facebook Messenger

Ways to Delete Someone from Facebook Messenger

You need to ready further below to see several ways which you can be able to delete someone from Facebook Messenger.

You can as well delete a contact you don’t want from your list. What you need to do is to open the Facebook Messenger app on your phone > tap on the “People icon” located at the bottom of your screen > under people menu, click on the contact option at the top > then choose any contact you want to remove > click on the ‘i ‘button located at the right side of your contact > after that, click on “Remove” for the contact to be deleted. 

You need to bear in mind that if you removing contacts doesn’t mean that your conversations with that person has removed. So you can as far as deleting the conversation of the person.

Once, you have deleted the conversation, that person will be removed from your Messenger. To do so, you’ll open the Facebook Messenger app > scroll down to the contact which you want to delete the conversation > open the chat and click on the ‘i’ button located at the top right corner > then tap on the three dots located at the top right corner of the screen > then click on “Delete conversation” to delete it.

You can as well Ignore the Person

This is one of the methods to use. Once you take up this action, you won’t receive ant message notification from the contact, and the conversation will be moved to the Message Request section. Whenever someone sends you a message, it’s been directed to the Message Request section and you get a New Message Request. So all you need to do is to ignore the person. You don’t need to worry about the action cos the person will not even have the idea about it.

So if you want to take up this method; all you need is to open the conversation of the contact you want to Ignore > click on the ‘i’ button at the top right corner > under information, scroll down to get to the Ignore Message option > Click on Ignore Message and you’ll actually ignore the person.

Mute Someone on Facebook Messenger

What if after ignoring, you still get sound notifications online pertaining the same issue? Then you should probably think of muting it. Probably you just bust up someday when you’re excepting an important message, and of a sudden it turns out to an unexpected meme. This normally happens when immediately as you turn on your data on.

So if you want mute that message that irritates you; you need to first open the contact you want to mute > then click on the information icon on the top > scroll down to the Notification menu and tap on it > then click on “Mute Conversation” to turn it on > then set the period of time you want to the message muted and click on OK.

Doing, this will mute that particular conversation. Now, every time the other person sends you a message, you won’t get any notification. Also, don’t worry as the other person will not have any idea about their chat being muted.

If you want to Unfriend the Person

Unfriending contact is also a way to get rid of someone. But even after unfriending somebody, you can still chat with them like you normally do. Unfriending somebody will remove them from your friend list and if your account is private, they won’t be able to see your profile and activities on Facebook.

So if you want to unfriend someone on Messenger, you need to open the conversation of the person you want to unfriend > click on the ‘i’ button > then click on “Profile” > then click on “View profile” > click on “Friends” and then tap on “Unfriend”.

To Block Someone on Facebook Messenger

Once you Block someone on Messenger, the person will not be able to text you on messenger, meaning that you two will not be friends anymore. Also, blocking someone on Facebook Messenger also restricts that person from accessing your Facebook account and equally sees your profile.

To block someone from the messenger; just go to the contact’s conversation that you want to block > then click on the ‘i’ button located at the top corner of the page > Scroll down and then click on Block > then go to the right corner of the page and select “Block” and the person will immediately be blocked from accessing your account.

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Other Things You Might be Interested in

We want to introduce you to some interesting games which you can now play on your Facebook Messenger app.


Facebook OMG enables you to showcase yourself by answering cool questions about your personal life. If you want to play OMG game on Facebook Messenger, then you need to first set it up.

In order to play this game on your mobile phone device, you’ll need to download the messenger app and then make sure you have an active internet connection. Downloading the app will give you direct access always. This you can do either on the Google Play store via Android or the Apple store via iOS device.  In order to connect with Facebook Messenger OMG online, all you need to do is to log in to your account. But since you’re quite new, you need to create an account first before logging in so as to connect directly to the online gaming.

While you’ve been connected and have started playing your cool game online, you need to bear it in mind that there is always a Timer for you, which is located at the left hand side of your screen. So with this, you should probably know that you don’t have the whole time in world answering questions.

Remember not to integrate your Facebook with apps, games and websites. Because doing that more often might cause harm on your device. But so to say, you can still turn this off with just some few steps. All you need to do is to click in the top-right corner of Facebook > then select Settings > after which you’ll click on Apps and Websites which is located on the left side of the menu > Go down to the Apps, Websites and Games section > thereafter which you’ll click Edit > finally, click Turn Off. Now this is as easy as it can be only if you follow the right procedure.

You can still update the app if you want to. In order to either update or download the latest version of the Facebook Messenger OMG; you need to click on the navigation icon > Then tap on Select games > After that, you’ll have to scroll down or even use the site’s search engine in order to find the location of the OMG game.

Once you’ve successfully located the game and updated it, you can then proceed with the game. From there, you can now choose the type of questions you want to answer.

If you want to select either of which you want to play, you need to set your Facebook Messenger so you can be able to play it. But this requires steps to get you to play the game. Once you setup the Facebook Messenger app, you need to separate it from the standalone app > Find the games icon and open a conversation > then tap the + sign in the bottom left > now all you need to do is to pick a game and start playing!

There’s also the Facebook Messenger OMG Plus, which is just like the normal version. But one disadvantage about it is that it can cause harm to your application.

Word Blitz

The Facebook Messenger word blitz game is a trivia and word game which is developed by Lotum. Your task is to try as much as possible to match-up letters in order to form comprehensive words. You can equally decide to play the game with your colleague or friend so as to test each other’s ability and to know who plays the game best.

You can play this game either on your Android or IOS, as long as you have the Facebook Messenger app installed on your device.

At first, you need to make sure your device has a stable internet connection so you can open the app on your device > Then go to the search bar located at the top corner of your Messenger App and type “Instant Games” > After that, click on the Facebook Instant Games page so that it will open > Click on your search option on the page and search “Word Blitz” > Once you’re through with that, the game will eventually show up > Then click on “Pay Game” and that’s it!

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