10 Coronavirus Most Affected Countries In the world | COVID-19 Cases 2020

10 Coronavirus Most Affected Countries In the world| COVID-19 Cases 2020

Coronavirus Most Affected Countries In the world|

Coronavirus has continued to torment the entire world for the time being now. Lots of cases have been recorded across the globe within just a few weeks. About 1.49 million+ cases have been recorded so far with about 88,000+ deaths according to the global figure. Notwithstanding, the high rate of cases been recorded and a large number of death tolls, there are about ten most affected countries from this deadly pandemic.

China, where the disease first started is among the ten most affected countries with Coronavirus, along with about seven European countries. This disease has continued to torment the continent for a very long time now especially Italy and Spain, with over millions of cases been recorded combined. The US replaced China as the country with the highest Coronavirus while more than 92% of the global Coronavirus cases are currently outside China. China today has just less than 25,917 cases left, with over 52,000 people been recovered.

According to figures, SARS which caused a massive destruction in China by infecting about 800 people in the country has been surpassed by the number of cases recorded from Covid-19. Having originated in a market in Wuhan, China, sources have disclosed that the virus could have spread from an infected animal species to human through illegally-trafficked pangolins, which are prized in Asia for food and medicine. This is especially of the fact that the market is a place where wildlife has been traded illegally for several years.

As stated by the WHO, Coronaviruses are species of viruses which causes illness from common cold to more severe diseases such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). SARS, for instance, was transmitted from civet cats to humans while MERS moved to humans from a type of camel. Continue reading this post because you have lots to catch-up on the deadly Coronavirus Disease 2019.

What does this mean? It means that the world economy will witness a very low return in their production capacity meaning that recession has started to engulf the entire globe. With this, these ten most affected countries tend to suffer most from this deadly outbreak. For instance, colleges across the U.S. are calling their students home from semesters abroad, particularly in Italy. They are also advising students against traveling abroad on Spring Break. Again, United Airlines is offering their workers unpaid voluntary leave. They are reducing international flights by 20%, to all countries. They are also reducing domestic flights by 10%. There’s a hiring freeze. All airline stocks fell by more than 3% at the opening bell on Thursday. American Airlines fell by over 4%. Cruise line stocks fell over 5%. Most especially, the British airline has struggled for bankruptcy because of its flights been on a low key.

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Ten Most Affected Countries from Coronavirus

Updated 12th April 2020, starting from the least to the highest, read below to see the list of countries affected by this pandemic.

10th Belgium

belgium corona virus pandemic

Belgium is 10th on this list with the least number of cases having overtaken Switzerland that was occupying this position as of 2nd April 202. Sharing border with infected countries like France, Germany, Netherlands, you can’t dispute the fact that the country tends to report cases of Coronavirus. The number of cases recorded in this country as of 12th April is 28,018 cases, with about 3,346 deaths, while 5,986 have recovered from the disease.

9th Turkey

Coronavirus Most Affected Countries In the world|

9th on the list is Turkey. The Coronavirus mortality rate in Turkey is however, currently lower than that in some of the other European countries such as Italy, Spain, France, and the UK. 52,167 reported cases and 1000+ deaths. Following the first confirmed Coronavirus infection on 10 March, the number of Coronavirus cases in Turkey increased sharply making it one of the top ten countries affected by COVID-19, in less than four weeks.

Although Turkey took initial preventive measures such as closing borders and cancelling passenger air transport to Iran, it couldn’t escape from the pandemic that spread like a wildfire in Europe.

8th Iran

Coronavirus Most Affected Countries In the world|

Iran is another country from the Asian continent where Coronavirus has spread to rest of the world. It currently has more than 70,029 confirmed cases and has reported more than 4,357 deaths. Many government officials and politicians including MPs in Iran have contracted Coronavirus, some of who died.

Due to this, Iran announced the temporary release of approximately 70,000 prisoners, according to Mizan news agency, because of fears of the Coronavirus.

7th United Kingdom (UK)

corona virus uk

UK is another country on the list of the most affected countries. With confirmed Coronavirus cases in the UK which was about 5,741 on 23 March to 34,000 on 02 April, while death toll increased to 2,900. But currently now stands at 78,991 cases confirmed cases. Even the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tested positive for Coronavirus on 27 March.

6th China

corona virus china

Apparently where the deadly pandemic started, the number of cases in China, however, has been on the decline starting March due to the rapid control measures and response by the Chinese government. Hubei is the most-affected province within China and Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei, is the city affected worst by the Coronavirus. Hubei has witnessed more Coronavirus positive cases and continues to report deaths, although at a slower rate than before.

China witnessed more than 3,000 deaths and approximately 74% of the global Coronavirus cases as of 09 March, which quickly came down to 58% by 13 March and to 40% by 18 March as the number of cases in rest of the world surged and Europe became the new epicenter. Within a week, coronavirus cases in the rest of the world belittled China’s. By the end of March, Chinese coronavirus cases accounted for just 10% of the global cases. The official number of cases recorded in China stands as 85,052 this day.

5th France

corona virus france

France is the fifth most-affected European nation by the Coronavirus. COVID-19 cases in France have reached close to 129,654, while the death toll reached closer to 13,832.

The French government has banned public gatherings. The popular Louvre Museum in Paris was temporarily closed as a precautionary measure. The Paris city has reported COVID-19 Coronavirus-positive cases, apart from other regions including Amiens, Bordeaux, and Eastern Haute-Savoie.

A worker at Disneyland Paris was reported by Reuters as having contracted the Coronavirus. France currently has only a few clusters with Coronavirus. The ongoing outbreak remains a concern to the French tourism industry as Coronavirus fears are resulting in a drop in visitors.

4th Germany

corona virus germany
Coronavirus Most Affected Countries In the world|

Germany is next in line only below Italy and Spain in Europe. The Coronavirus mortality rate in Germany is, however, comparatively lesser at 1.3%, with more than 1,100 deaths reported as of 02 April. German finance minister Thomas Schafer committed suicide, suspected because of worries over the state of the country’s economic situation due to COVID-19.  France currently has about 125, 452 cases.

The country has banned public events involving huge crowds in order to prevent spread. Trade fair, The Hannover Messe, has been postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak situation.

3rd Italy

corona virus italy
Coronavirus Most Affected Countries In the world|

Italy has witnessed the highest number of deaths due to COVID-19 in the world. Coronavirus deaths in Italy increased by more than nine times in ten days, from 366 on 08 March to more than 5,400 on 23 March and further beyond 13,900 by 02 April. Confirmed Coronavirus cases in Italy have reached 152,271 already as of 12th April.

Italians traveling to other countries during the outbreak has been traced to have caused COVID-19 spread. The nation has ever since been on a wide lock-down. The Italian government’s early measures such as closing educational institutions temporarily might have limited the spread, although the aged population continues to be a concern.

2nd Spain

Coronavirus Most Affected Countries In the world|

Coronavirus continues to be severe in Spain, making it the most-affected in Europe as well as outside Asia. Spain overtook Italy in Coronavirus cases in Europe with over 163,027 confirmed cases on 12th April 2022. Since the confirmation of first Coronavirus case in Spain on 01 February, the Spanish COVID-19 cases got closer to 1,000 in early hours of 09 March.

A minister in Spain contracted Coronavirus, while Princess Maria Teresa died from Coronavirus marking the first royal death due to COVID-19.  A nation-wide lock-down has been announced affecting millions of its residents. Tourism, a crucial sector for Spain, is expected to face an adverse impact due to the global Coronavirus fears. The Spanish government has advised companies to ask employees to work from home to avoid spread.

1st USA

Coronavirus Most Affected Countries In the world|

US the world’s most affected country by the Coronavirus currently, by number of cases. The first Coronavirus case in the US was confirmed on 21 January. The figure continued to increase as from February down to March, moving beyond 33,500 and surging to more than 240,000 on 02 April, while the death toll too increased sharply past 5,800. The number of cases increased significantly to 532,879 currently.

Community spread and delayed testing has been a major concern to Americans as enough test kits are not available across states, while shortage of ventilators continues to result in increased deaths.

Although with these data set to change at a point in time, we’ll always give you updates pertaining countries and new number of cases.  Thanks.

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