How To Play Cooking Mama On Facebook Like A Pro 2021

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In this article, we’re going to show you how to play Cooking Mama on Facebook. Cooking Mama is one of the fascinating games you can ever play on Facebook. In this game, you’ll be offered just 60 seconds to properly cook and build burgers for customers as they make their respective orders. You’ll be offered ingredients like Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese, and Onion to make your wonderful dish preparation. There’s also the availability of drinks such as Coffee, Orange, and Lime, enabling you to make a perfect service delivery.

This game involves different kinds of customers you’ll have to serve. You have the Hipster Boy who makes just a small amount of order and he’s quite patient. The VIP customer has a low patient rate and makes high orders, and tries to cause chaos when his orders are not met in time. Then you have the Celebrity Woman who is more impatient than others mentioned, and she’ll just leave when her orders are not met at that particular time. Then lastly, you have the Overweight Man who is the worst of them all. He’s quite patient no doubt but requires about three orders at a time before he’s satisfied.

Amongst all the above-mentioned customers, the Celebrity Woman is the only one that does show appreciation when her delivery is met. She does this by kissing the screen whenever the player is done serving her order, just to show her satisfaction. One thing you should also know about the game is that the small number of items you use, and the fast you move while preparing your meal, the likelier you earn higher scores. Now, just read further below to see how to play Cooking Mama on Facebook…

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How To Play Cooking Mama On Facebook
How To Play Cooking Mama On Facebook

How To Play Cooking Mama On Facebook

  • For quick access to this game via Facebook, you need to click this link > Log in to your Facebook account > Then tap on the game to start playing it.
  • Upon the start of the game, you’ll need to connect the aforementioned ingredients or more, so as to make your dish.
  • Just tap and hold those connected ingredient characters to make out your perfect dish from it so you can earn more points.
  • After your preparation, all the special guests will then show up to taste your dish.
  • Upon the conclusion of all events, you’ll be entitled to receiving a variety of rewards.
How To Play Cooking Mama On Facebook

How To Play Cooking Mama On Facebook