ConferenceCall App Advantages And Disadvantages 2021| Conference Call Features, Benefits & Download

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ConferenceCall App Advantages And Disadvantages: Conference calls have over the past few months increased tremendously, and have become so popular. Given the issue of the pandemic that has ravaged the world since last year, which has seen lots of people working online in their respective places, this has led to a massive spike in the use of different conference call apps. Just like video conferencing, audio conferencing also offers some exclusive benefits, with the ConferenceCall App, not an exception. And right in this article, we’ll be talking highlighting some of the ConferenceCall app advantages and disadvantages.

Free Conference Call allows you to connect to audio or video conference. Via this service, you’ll be allowed to host a meeting with up to 1,000 participants per meeting. Apart from the fact that you can host a meeting, there are other things you can be able to do, such as screen sharing, recording during the meeting, and you can even dial in international numbers for about 75+ countries for free. Just read further below for the ConferenceCall app advantages and disadvantages‚Ķ

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ConferenceCall App Advantages And Disadvantages
ConferenceCall App Advantages And Disadvantages

ConferenceCall App Advantages and Disadvantages

We’re going to highlight for you a list of some key ConferenceCall app advantages and disadvantages respectively below:


  • ConferenceCall app offers high-quality video and audio calls, with a good network for transferring data.
  • The app has good security compared to other conference apps, making it difficult for hackers.
  • The app is quite efficient, with a good communication network.
  • The app offers more interactive features, which makes your conference meeting quite lively.
  • The app offers more audio and video clarity.


  • One of the disadvantages of this app is that there’s no provision for operated-assisted conference calling.
  • There’s no availability of a screen sharing feature in the app’s free version.
  • There’s limited access to call logs, transcripts, and user information during calls.
  • Network connectivity does not flow so easily.

Download The App

You can download the app on the Play Store here for Android devices.
Download on the Apple Store here for iOS devices.