Conference Call Trivia Games 2021: 10 Conference Call Trivia Games To Play

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Conference Call Trivia Games: Trivia games have been making a lot of marks on social platforms, making it the most played a set of games while on video conferencing. It’s quite interesting cos it lets you prepare and ask your audience questions while they answer. The essence of playing these types of games is to help build fun and engagement between you and other participants. You can question relating to different countries, about professionals, celebrities, history, etc. And right here, we’re going to list for you about 10 conference call trivia games you can play.

Conference calls have been the most effective alternative way of getting connected with friends and loved ones. Distance or the pandemic shouldn’t be a barrier to you in terms of communicating with your colleagues and friends. And right now, you can spice up your meetings by playing some cool conference call trivia games with friends online! This ensures that you don’t miss the fun part of your friends where ever they are. Just read further below and see the list of conference call trivia games available for you…

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Conference Call Trivia Games
Conference Call Trivia Games

List Of 10 Conference Call Trivia Games

You can pick your choice from any of our list of conference call trivia games been drafted for you below:

Brain Test

This game allows you to complete brand-bending tasks, by trying to solve some Brain Test’s puzzles with your friends.

DK Quiz

There are lots of free questions to test your knowledge of music, history, and food. You can play solo or against your friends. You can always check your score via the leaderboard.

Fibbage XL

In this game, players are allowed to fill in the blank with the right answer. You can trick other participants by letting them think they got the right answer.

Heads Up!

In this game, you’ll hold your device to your head, while other participants try to guess what word is on the device.

League Quiz

This is a trivia board game where you can challenge your opponents in a quick duel game. You’ll answer questions that’ll be equal together with the other players, where you strive to guess more answers right.

Popcorn Trivia

This game is perfect for those that love movies. The game focuses on movie trivia, which lets you test your knowledge of movies.

Psych! Outwit Your Friends

This game is quite an interesting trivia game. It lets a player guess the correct answer to a trivia question with the answer been made up by other participants.

Sporcle Party

Here, you’ll be allowed to host a game and other participants join. There are lots of topics and questions to answer. Players are allowed to wager 1 to 10 points based on their confidence.

Trivia Crack

You and other participants will be allowed to spin a wheel which is been categorized with six questions. Here, you’ll have to answer at least one question correctly in each category, so as to win characters. Anybody that first wins all six characters is declared the winner.

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire

This TV show game has been on the card for a few years now. Participants are allowed to answer a series of about 15 questions. The more you advance, the more you earn until you become a millionaire! It’s a cool game you and your friends don’t wanna miss.

Conference Call Trivia Games