How To Hold Conference Call On iPhone With More Than 5 People | iPhone Conference Limit 2021

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How To Hold Conference Call On iPhone With More Than 5 People | iPhone Conference Limit: iPhone now has a new feature that allows its users to engage in a conference call, and get connected with loved ones from afar via calls. But the beauty of this feature is that you can also be able to set up a conference call on iPhone with more than 5 people at a time. Interestingly, you can also switch to private calls with individual participants, or end calls for only certain participants. You can even add, merge, and disconnect callers, which depends on your carrier.

Anyone that starts up a conference call is the only person who can see the names of all the participants. But if another person starts up the conference call, and you invite someone, then you can only see the name of the person that started the conference and who you added. But what you need to know is that if you don’t see the merge call option, then you should know that your carrier doesn’t support it.

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Conference Call On iPhone
Conference Call On iPhone

How Do You Set Up a Conference Call On iPhone With More Than 5?

Follow the steps below to set up your conference call on iPhone, and then invite more than five people:

  • Once you’ve placed your call with your participants, you can inform them that you’re placing the call on hold so as to add another person.
  • You can then tap on the “Add call” + button.
  • Select another person from your contact list and tap on “Merge calls” so they’ll be joined to a single conversation together.
  • Repeat the process again and continue adding till you reach your conference call limit (depending on your carrier).
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If you’re on a conference call and someone calls to join, you can simply tap the “Hold & Accept” button > wait for the call to connect > then click on “Merge calls.”

Maybe along the line, you decide to remove some participants from your conference call so as to cut the number of your participants, you can simply do so by tapping on the info button denoted by ‘i’ > then tap “End” which is next to the person you want to remove.

But mind you that the above options can only appear if your carrier supports them.

Conference Call On iPhone