Conference Call Games 2021| 10 Conference Call Games For Work

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Nowadays, there’s no better game to play than conference call games. Given the fact that there are lots of video conference call platforms, makes it easy to play exciting video call games online. Whether you’re on Zoom, Google Meet, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, or any other conference call platforms, you surely need any of these games to play with your colleagues at work. It can be Bingo, virtual trivia, or scavenger hunts. Whichever one you’re good at, we have the best conference call games outlined for you here…

Playing conference games helps to build fun and engagement amongst you and other participants. You have nothing to worry about as regards distance or pandemic travel restrictions. You can make your conference meeting to be quite fun by playing some cool conference call games with your colleagues wherever they are.

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Conference Call Games
Conference Call Games

Top 10 Conference Call Games

Below is the list of the best and fun conference call games to play:

10 Minute Business

This is one of the best conference call games you can ever play with co-workers. Team members are challenged to figure out entrepreneurial ideas and business strategies. Four or five people are selected in a single room and tasked to work on how to develop new business ideas, where they’ll be given just 10 minutes to do so.

Chubby Bunny

This is a classic game that allows each person to put a large marshmallow in their mouth and then say the words “Chubby Bunny.” You’ll do this repeatedly until your other participant faults.

Dance Off

While playing this game, you’ll have to compile a playlist of fun music and allow your team members to show off their dance skills in the virtual meeting room. The member that receives the most votes is declared as the group’s best dancer.

International Monster Hunter

This is a 90-minute conference game that’s quite fun to play with co-workers on a video platform online. You have to solve puzzles by following the rightful tracks and discover unusual beasts all over the world.

Never Have You Ever

Here, you’ll try and name something you think a team member hasn’t done before by raising five fingers up. If the member has done that, he or she will put a finger down, and you’ll raise a finger up, contrary to other team members. The game continues until only one player has fingers remaining up.

Office Spirit Day

In this game, you’ll have to customize a theme for your team to dress up as. A vote will be cast for the member whose attire best fits the theme.


This game is quite a fun game to play with colleagues. You’ll have to allow your team members to take a sip of a drink, while you choose one person as the trigger. This continues until the trigger determines the action of every member.

The Hike

This game is specially made for conference meetings of up to 70 people, arranged in groups of 10 within 60 to 90 minutes. The game allows you and your team members to form teams and go on a virtual hike. There are challenges and decision points along the way as well.

What’s On My Desk?

While playing this game, you’ll have to ask your team to submit a photo of their desk and have them upload the photos to a shared space so everyone can see. Any member with the correct guesses is declared the winner.

Workout Challenge

All team members will be tagged to do push-ups (10, 15, or 20). Everyone will have to take up the challenge, but if one fails, he or she will buy coffee for the rest.

Conference Call Games

Conference Call Games