Chrome Web Store 2021: Google Chrome Extensions

Chrome Web Store | Google Chrome Extensions: If you’ve been looking for a way to publish your free or paid apps and games where they can be easily accessible to all Google Chrome users, then you should look at the Chrome Web Store. This enables users to see apps they’ve installed anytime they create a new window or tab. Doing this will as well enable users to see a store icon that will always notify them of more apps or games from your web app.

What does this mean? Let’s just say you have a web app, you can create a metadata file that you can post in the store without any stress. Alternatively, you can use the Chrome Web Store to develop and post an app that is based on Chrome, for instance, an extension for Chrome or a web app that has already been re-created to be installed and run on the user’s computer system.

What do you use Chrome Web Store for? It is simply used to customize and Personalize Chrome on your desktop computer by choosing from thousands of Themes, Extensions, and Apps. You’ll be eligible to add new features to Chrome by installing extensions. All you need is to visit the Chrome Web Store on your desktop computer, where you can see lots of extensions for your designs, blogs, photographs, shoppings, studies, etc. Not only that, you can as well search or browse the web in a Chrome window and add extensions and apps to your computer using your phone device.

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Chrome Web Store
Chrome Web Store

Install and Use an Extension via Google Chrome Web Store

Luckily, you can customize Chrome on your desktop computer by adding extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

But one thing you should know is that you can only use your extensions on any computer by first signing into Chrome.

Install on Your Desktop Computer

  • You need to first open the Chrome Web Store Page
  • Search and choose the extension you want
  • Then click on “Add to Chome”
  • You’ll see some extensions with certain permissions or data needed
  • Click on “Add extension”

Install using the Chrome App

  • Open the Chrome app on your phone and sign in to Chrome if you haven’t
  • Search and choose the extension you want
  • Click on “Add to Desktop”
  • Then confirm by clicking again on “Add to Desktop”

Once you do that, you’ll see a notification telling you that the extension has been installed. In order to approve the extension, you’ll then have to click on “Enable Extension”.

Note: If you then want to use the extension, you’ll then have to click on the icon located on the right side of the address bar.

Chrome Web Store | Google Chrome Extensions