How To Change a Font on Facebook with Ease

Do you know that there are lots of things your Facebook settings have to offer? You think is all about changing some other displays on your account. Not only that, do you know that you can change a font on Facebook? In as much as the fact that your normal Facebook settings doesn’t support that, but you can as well do that simply by using browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. Don’t worry how to cos we’re going to show you on this site how you can be able to change a font on Facebook.

Facebook can’t stop intriguing its users with lots of amazing features. Facebook is not about making friends, uploading photos, uploading videos, posting on your timeline, or even the chats alone. Now, there are many things you can do on Facebook. That is why the social platform has continued to grow and becoming more popular in the world. One of unknown features is how to change a font on Facebook.

Change a Font on Facebook with Ease

How to Change a Font on Facebook

We’ll be showing you different steps on how to use different web browsers to change a font on Facebook

Just like we stated above, doing this depends on the type of browser you’re using. So we believe you’ll have either of the popular browsers like, Internet browser, Chrome, or Firefox.

Using the Internet Explorer Browser

  • Select the Tool menu located at the top-right corner of the browser.
  • Click on Internet Options and select the General tab.
  • Hover on the tab and click on “Fonts.”
  • From there you can now change your fonts by selecting your features and click OK.
  • Go back to the Generals tab and click on “Accessibility” option for your features to be displayed.
  • Then select the three-dots options located under Formatting.
  • Finally, click OK.

Using Google Chrome Browser

  • At first you need to select the Tool menu located at the top right corner of the Google Chrome browser.
  • Then click on “More Tools and Extensions.”
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Extensions page and click on “Get more Extensions.”
  • Type FABULOUS into the Search icon.
  • Once your search results opens, locate the Facbulous.
  • Click the + button and click on “Add.”
  • You can now use the Slider menu to adjust the font features.
Access the Tool menu in Chrome.

Using Firefox Browser

  • You need to select the Tool menu which is denoted as three horizontal lines, which is located at the top right corner of your browser.
  • You’ll then have to click on “Options.”
  • Then select “Content and Advanced.”
  • You’ll then have to select your desired font settings.
  • Change “Allow Pages to Choose their own Fonts” so your own selections can reflex.
  • After that, click OK.

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Care about Other Accessibility?

We can actually help you go through some certain things on your Facebook account. So read further below to see some of these.

To Change your Language

  • At first you need to go to the option tab at the top right corner.
  • Scroll to “Settings & Privacy.”
  • Click on “Settings.”
  • Then click on “Language and Region” in the left column to change your Language.
  • Then click on “Edit.”
  •  After that, select the language you want and then tap “Save Changes.”

Then for the location settings; go to Formats for dates/times/numbers > click “Edit” and select a region > click on “Save changes.”

To Add Your Phone number

  • Go to the option tab at the top right corner of your Facebook page.
  • Go to Settings & Privacy and click on “Settings.”
  • Look at the left sidebar and click “Mobile.”
  • Then click “+ Add your first Phone number” or click “Add another Phone number” that’s if you wish to add more numbers.
  • After that, enter your Phone number and choose if you’d like to get a text message or phone call with your confirmation code.
  • Once you’re done with that, click “Continue.”
  • Enter the confirmation code been sent to you and click “Confirm”.

Upload your Photos

  • In front of your Facebook page, you’ll see “Photo” written in-between Live and Check In.
  • Once you click there, your device’s photo library will open.
  • Then select the photos you want to upload.
  • After that click “Next” located at the top right corner.
  • If you want to add something on the picture like; text, smiley, or to even edit the photo, you’ll see all those things there.
  • Once you’re done, click on “Post.”

Upload your New Birthday Video

You can be able to make your Facebook birthday video and make it more mobile for friends that are not celebrating live with you to have a glimpse of what how the event is playing out. Is either you choose from Picovico library or upload your own music via your music library.

  • The first step is to sign up and login on Picovico to make your online birthday video maker.
  • Once you’ve logged in, you’ll have to click on the Create Video” option located at the top right-hand side of the page.
  • You’ll need to add a title to it and click on “Create.”
  • The next step for you is where you’ll have to choose your own theme from the host of Birthday Video Themes.
  • Once you’ve chosen what you want, click on “Next” at the top right hand side of the screen to move to the next step.
  • After that, you’ll then need to upload photos. This is where your slideshow video comes in place. Choose from as a series of birthday photos and upload them.
  • Once you have uploaded pictures, you can then rearrange them the way you like.
  • You can then put captions for your photos as allowed by Picovico. You can also decide to edit the captions on countless times.
  • Now upload the captions on your birthday video.
  • Once you’re done with that, you can now put an addition by selecting music to add to it.

You can also add your voice recording if you wish to. Once you click on “Next,” you can simply personalize your slideshow video. Now that you’re all but done with the preparation of the birthday video, you can then preview your video and make changes if there’s any need to. Once you’re done with that, you can now share your video online.

If you want to upload directly to your wall, all you need to do is to click on “Export to” > select Facebook > then tag people you want to tag. Once you’re done with that, your video will then be displayed on your timeline.

To Add your Email Account

  • Go to the top right corner option as usual, go to Settings & Privacy and click “Settings.”
  • Click “Contact” in the General tab.
  • Click “Add another email.”
  • Then enter your email and click “Add.”
  • Enter your Facebook password and click “Submit.”
  • After that, tap “Close.”

Once you’re done with that, a confirmation code will be sent to your email. Click on the link to confirm that you want the email to be added to your Facebook account.

Steps to Make your Facebook Post Shareable

Now let’s see the steps below so to see how to make a post shareable on Facebook:

  1. Taking the first step, you need to click on the ‘What’s on your mind’ section on the top of the page of your profile or feed.
  2. Enter your content and get it ready to share.
  3. Before you click on Share, you have to select privacy. 
  4. You can find the privacy settings of your post next to the News Feed. There is a box that says ‘Public’ or ‘Friends.’
  5. Click on the box and select who can view your post.
  6. Set your default settings and select ‘Public’ to make your post shareable. If the adjustment was already showing ‘Public,’ then your posts should already be shareable. 

Once you’ve selected ‘Public,’ everyone will be able to see and share your post.

In order to do this, just follow the steps below:

  • You need to click on the drop-down arrow in the header.
  • Click on ‘Settings.’
  • Then click on ‘Privacy.’ from the menu on the left.
  • After that, go to ‘Your Activity’ section where you’ll see ‘Who can see your future posts’ option.
  • Then click on the ‘Edit’ option which is next to ‘Who can see your Future Posts option’ and adjust it to ‘Public’ to make your posts shareable by everyone from now on.

And that’s it!

Using the Mobile App

You can still make your Facebook post shareable using the Facebook mobile app. Just follow the steps below to see how easy it is.

  1. The first thing to do is to open the Facebook app.
  2. Then go through ‘What’s on your mind’ section and enter your post.
  3. You’ll see two buttons under your username that says ‘Friends or Public.’
  4. All you need to do is to switch it to ‘Public’ to make the post shareable.

How to See Who Shared your Post

If you want to see who shared your post, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. All you need to do is to go to the Search Bar on top of the page.
  2. Then write something related to your post and click “Search.”
  3. You’ll then have to select ‘Posts’ from the next page.
  4. Still on the page, click on the ‘Posts from You’ button which is located at the left menu.
  5. Once you’ve done that, you can now see who liked, shared, and also commented on your posts.

How to Stop People from Sharing your Profile

If you want to stop people from sharing your profile e.g., your photo, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. The first step is to go to your Profile Photo.
  2. Open the photo which is been shared and click on “Edit.”
  3. Then click on the box that says ‘Public.’
  4. The next thing to do is to turn it into ‘Friends.’

Once you’ve done that, people will not be able to share your profile again.

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