Call Alert Apps 2021: List Of Top 5 Best Call Alert Apps For Android

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Top 5 Best Call Alert Apps For Android: Have you ever thought of a way where you can stop forgetting your missed calls? Missed calls are inevitable, no doubt. Giving the fact that you’re a busy person, you’re bound to miss a couple of calls. But what you wouldn’t want is being unable to remember that you have to check important missed calls. Due to this issue, we’ve decided to provide you some of the best call alert apps for Android devices. With these apps, you can be able to remember important calls so you don’t miss them.

What makes these apps so unique? These apps are specially developed to help notify you of all missed calls. Once you have these apps installed on your Android device, you wouldn’t have any issue as regards not being able to check your missed calls ever again. This is because these apps tend to notify you of all your missed calls. Now, read further below to see the best call alert apps for Android…

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5 Best Call Alert Apps For Android
5 Best Call Alert Apps For Android

Best Call Alert Apps For Android

We’re going to highlight some of the best call alert apps for Android below, coupled with their respective links to download the apps on the Play Store…

Call Alert

Call Alert is another app that notifies you of all missed calls and messages when they arrive. This app is so cool that determines when you have free time. There are several options to choose from in this app. You can select a volume level as well as a notification interval. And you can also choose the alert sound.

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Flash Alert For All Notification

Flash Alert has flash notifications for every missed call and message you have. Unlike other apps, this app will just flashlight without making noise, which is a way of notifying you of every missed call. The app has different modes like normal, quiet, and vibration. And it supports front and black flash as well.

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Missed Call Alert

This app is one of the best call alerts apps for Android smartphones. If you’re running a business, all you need is just to set a timer when you feel you can expect important calls. You can enable or disable the alarm of missed calls or messages. If you want, you can also set quiet hours in case you don’t want to be bothered by the notifications of the app.

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Missed Call & SMS Notification

This app is another top app on our list. What sets this app apart and unique is that it sends you an alert of each and every missed call and message on top of the lock screen. You can enable or disable the alarm messages or calls if you wish to.

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Missed Notifications Reminder

One interesting thing about this app is that it has some exciting features which help to track missed calls, messages, and notifications. This app allows you to customize the important calls and messages you need to be notified of. You can open the settings and select the notifications interval.

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Call Alert Apps

5 Best Call Alert Apps For Android