How To Buy & Sell a Tiktok Account 2021

How To Buy & Sell a Tiktok Account 2021

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How To Buy & Sell a Tiktok Account: Do you wish to buy & sell a Tiktok account? Well, this is really nice though and we’re going to help you get it right. How do you feel when you notice that most of your friends have thousands of followers while you’re still in units? It doesn’t sound great, knowing fully well you can’t monetize with that little amount of followers.

And to make matters worse, you don’t even know how to triple your followers so you can help boost your account. And if you’re also the type that has an active Tiktok account with huge followers that you wish to sell, we’ll still guide you here. All you need is to properly read our guide and get a glimpse of how you can buy/sell a Tiktok account.

What you need to know is that the price of every Tiktok account varies. You can get different prices on various marketplaces on Facebook, eBay, and even on Fameswap. Accounts that have huge followers or ones that authentic and verified tend to cost more than new accounts. So it’s left for you to determine the one you want to spend on.

Before you buy any Tiktok account, make sure you highlight the contents of that particular account you’re buying, to avoid getting an account that’s already been suspended or even closed. If not, your newly-purchased account will fall into what is called “shadow-banned” from Tiktok. That’s why it’s always important to adhere to the legal community guidelines and Tiktok’s terms of service. Now read further below to see how you can buy/sell a Tiktok account.

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Buy & Sell a Tiktok Account
How To Buy & Sell a Tiktok Account

How To Buy & Sell a Tiktok Account

You need to try as much as possible to buy a new Tiktok account if there’s no way you can create another account especially if you’re previous account was blocked.

And if it’s to sell, you just need the right guide to locating the best possible buyers. But you should take note that the least account you can sell is an account with 1000 followers. But due to its potential low return, it will be better for you to try and raise your followers to 100,000 to 500,000 followers.

Now, let’s look at how you can be able to buy/sell a Tiktok account below:

How Do You Buy?

  • The first step is to try and look for someone who wants to sell. At this point, we recommend Fameswap for you if you want to find people willing to sell their accounts.
  • You can also try other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You need to search for hashtags relating to kinds of stuff like #buyfollowers, #Tiktokfollowers, or even any other related hashtags. This will help you find comments and discussions relating to Tiktok. Engage in the conversation and declare your interest from there.
  • Another tip for you; don’t go and rush an account with a high cost, cos it may end up being an inactive account. For a start, you need to try a Tiktok account with 100 followers to see how it works.

How Do You Sell?

Just like I highlighted for you above, Fameswap still remains the perfect place for you to sell your Tiktok account. It’s very popular and has been there for a while. Know what other people are listing there so you can list your own.

There are few price estimates for you, so you can have a glimpse of what you’re either spending or getting potentially.

Additional Tip

  • 1-10k followers is around $100
  • 10-50k followers is between $100-$500
  • 50-100k followers is about $500-$1000
  • 100-500k followers is about $1000-$5000
  • While $500-$1M follwers is about $1000-$30,000
Buy & Sell a Tiktok Account


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