Blue Mail App Features 2021 | Blue Mail Review

Blue Mail App Features 2021 | Blue Mail Review

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The Blue Mail App is the trending email account for users and it’s preferable to other email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, etc. It’s quite secure, free to use, good user experience and so much more. With the Blue Mail App, you can be able to manage an unlimited number of mail accounts from different mail providers. It also allows you to conduct group emailing and also personalize across your multiple email accounts. In this article, we’re going to tell you all you need to know about the Blue Mail App…

So many things are interesting about the Blue Mail App; first and foremost, if you have other email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Hotmail, AOL, iCloud, and Office 365, You can be able to merge them together in Blue Mail so you can gain access to each of them at the same time. Not only that, you can as well sync multiple inboxes from all these email providers in a unified interface. Interestingly, there’s access to an Integrated Calendar in Blue Mail, which allows you to create and edit your future events anytime.

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Blue Mail App Features
Blue Mail App Features

Features Of The Blue Mail App

Some of the exciting features of the Blue Mail App are been highlighted for you below:

  • If you want to customize your email view and swipe menu, you’ll use the Configuration Menus.
  • There’s the Backup & Sync option which allows you to sync all your email accounts safely to your new or existing device.
  • You can block senders or block domains via the Spam Management option.
  • You can use the Share Email option, to share emails to people you want to engage with.
  • There’s the Group Mail option, where you can share Groups to send and receive emails.
  • You can use the new People Toggle Switch option to view your inbox.
  • Use the Email Clusters to organize similar together from your inbox so you don’t get confused. What this means is that your emails are been organized automatically into a sub-folder in order to help you manage them manually.
  • Use the Unified Folders to view all your email accounts folders through a combined interface for your Drafts, Inbox, Sent Mails, etc.
  • If you want to secure or protect your emails, you can use the Lock Screen mode to set it.

And lots more!

Download Blue Mail App now on your various devices with the links provided for you below:

  • Click on this link.
  • For Android users, you can download it on Play Store by clicking here
  • For Windows PC, you can click here
  • For Linux device, just click this link
Blue Mail App Features


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