How to Block YouTube Video Channels 2021 | More about YouTube

How to Block YouTube Video Channels 2021 | More about YouTube

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How to Block YouTube Video Channels | More about YouTube

How to Block YouTube Video Channels
How to Block YouTube Video Channels | More about YouTube

YouTube allows you to watch videos, like videos and then subscribe to people’s channels. You always go through other users channels and fetch money for them, where you too can do the same for yourself so that people can like your own channel. All you need is just a Google account, and then you can be able to create YouTube account. This site has got you covered on how you can be able to block YouTube video channels if you find anything unusual, or if you feel like you want to.

YouTube is nowadays considered to be the most popular social platform been used by millions of users worldwide. Having started in the US, not only did the platform circulated in America but has grown in other countries. Currently, millions of people have been signing up and even using it to grow their own business. To block YouTube video channels, you’ll need to use a third-party app to help you out.

Block YouTube Video Channels

Getting Started with YouTube

With a YouTube account, you have the sole right to manage your account only by yourself. You can customize your channel for your brand and give access to team members. At first, we’ll have to show you how you can set up your channel and upload videos on your YouTube account.

Having created your account with your Gmail, and logging in through the Google account details, remember you need to go to the YouTube channels page you’ve not created a channel before in order to create a new brand channel.

Once you’ve entered given an identity to your new brand, then you’ll have to sign into your YouTube account. Then click on Create a Video or Post button at the top of your screen, which looks like a video camera > then click o “Upload Video” > then you’ll have to select the video you want to upload > enter a title up to 100 characters and a description up to 5000 characters > then click “Publish” and you’re done.

To optimize content into your play list; first sign into YouTube and go to your channel > then click on “Customize channel” > click on the “Playlists tab” > click on “New Playlist” > enter a title for your playlist, which can be up to 150 characters long > then click on “Create” > you’ll be taken to a screen for your new playlist > click “Edit” > then click “Add Videos” > after that, click on “Your YouTube Videos” > select the videos you want to include in your playlist and click on “Add Videos.”

If you want to add keywords to your channel; Sign into YouTube and click your profile icon in the top right corner > select “Creator Studio” from the drop-down menu > Click “Channel” > click “Advanced” > In the Channel keywords section, enter keywords relevant to your content.

To add people on your channel; Sign into YouTube and click your profile icon in the top right corner > go the drop-down menu and select “Settings” > go to the bottom corner of the page and click “Add or Remove Managers” > after that, click on “Manage Permissions” > then on the click the People Icon in the top right to invite new users > enter the email addresses of the team members you want to add to your account > after that, click “Invite” > Finally, click “Done.”

To create YouTube channel sections with your play list; Sign into YouTube on a computer to go to your channel > click on “Customize channel” > then Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on “Add a Section” > from the Content drop-down menu, select “Single Playlist” > under the Choose a Playlist, select “My Playlists” > from the “Find Playlist” drop-down menu, choose the playlist you want to make into its own section > after that, click “Done.”

Now that you’ve known how to create a new YouTube account, and as well how to create and access your YouTube channel, then we’ll just have to go over to the real deal. All you need is to read further below to learn how you can be able to block YouTube video channels.

Block YouTube Video Channels

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How to Block YouTube Video Channels

Actually, YouTube doesn’t allow users to block specific YouTube channels, but there are means whereby you can help view certain videos and content from interrupting your viewing experience.

One thing about the whole the stuff is that as long as you watch a video from a channel, you can decide not to watch it again.

So therefore, we just have few guidelines that will teach you how you can be able to block YouTube video channels and stop unwanted video junk from popping-up on your homepage. This comes with different methods:

Using YouTube Incognito Mode

Using this method actually works both on computers and Smartphones. This method will stop YouTube from tracking whatever you view, which will in-turn stop pushing channels onto your home screen.

If you want to enable this feature using your PC, you need to first of all click on Menu icon at the top left corner of the screen > go to the right-hand side and click “Pause Watch History” > then click again on “Pause.” If you still want to come back to turn the screen back to watch later you can still do it.

Using Smartphones, you can click your profile picture at the top right corner and click “Settings” > go to History and Privacy and click on “Pause watch History.”

Block YouTube Video Channels

Using the In-House Method

What YouTube homepage does at first is that it displays all kinds of videos you want. It does this through your recent uploads on visited channels to Recommended videos based on how you view.

So if you want to block certain videos from certain channels you’re not interested in from appearing in your Recommended feed, you need to click on the Menu icon located next to the title of a video on your YouTube homepage > then click on “Not interested” > You need to highlight on reasons why you’re not interested in the video. Once you’ve done that, you will stop receiving videos from that channel, and it will not show in your recommended feed again.

Note: Having done this doesn’t mean the channel will not appear in your search results in your YouTube homepage.

Block YouTube Video Channels

Downloading Video Blocker Extension

Another efficient way of blocking channels is through downloading Video Blocker. The extension has three ways of adding channels or videos to your blocked list; through channel, wildcard, or keyword. You can type in the channel that you would like to hide from appearing on YouTube from the extension’s control panel, which opens once you click the icon in the top-right corner of your browser. To block a YouTube channel, click the “add” option and type in the channel.

Using the Wildcard pattern isn’t case sensitive and will block anything you type. The Keyword pattern will only block by identifying targeted words in a YouTube channel or video title. Channels can also be added to the block list by right-clicking a video’s thumbnail and selecting “Block videos from this channel.

Block YouTube Video Channels

By Denying YouTube Video Recommendations

This method will actually improve your chances of not seeing specific videos in the recommendation bar or your homepage, even though it won’t remove it entirely.

You may still see other videos from that particular channel in your recommendations (unless you blocked it using one of these other steps), but that specific video from that channel will not appear again.

Block YouTube Video Channels

Blocking a YouTube User

This is another method you can also try out. If a user is always hanging out in your comments section, you can block the person entirely. Although this won’t block the person’s channel, but it will stop them from harassing you.

All you need to do is to go to the users’ “About” section on the person’s channel’s profile > the option to block that user will show up > then click the flag icon shown below.

Once you do that, a confirmation box will then pop up, asking you to submit your request to block the user from commenting on your videos. The user you decide to block will still be able to see your videos and channel, and you’ll be able to do the same, but they won’t be able to comment.

Block YouTube Video Channels

Using the Restricted Mode

When Restricted Mode is turned on, it will hide videos that are flagged inappropriately by users and will help you avoid certain content. YouTube uses different signals like video title, description, Community Guidelines, and others to identify content kids probably shouldn’t watch. The mode also works in others languages as well.

To turn on the Restricted Mode, scroll down to the bottom on your YouTube page > click on the “Restricted Mode: Off” button.

Note: If you want to use multiple browsers or accounts, then you’ll need to do it for each of them respectively.

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Block YouTube Video Channels


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