Best Gboard Emoji Stickers For You 2021

Best Gboard Emoji Stickers For You 2021

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Best Gboard Emoji Stickers For You 2021: There are thousands of interesting Gboard emoji stickers to spark fun in your chat. Emoji stickers are symbols used to describe how one feels during a chat, and your Gboard keyboard provides loads of them. Although these Gboard emoji stickers don’t really support all apps no doubt, they’re really compatible on social media platforms like; Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, Google Messages, Signal, and TextNow. In this article, we’re going to present to you “Best Gboard Emoji Stickers of the year!”

Gboard is the most popular keyboard commonly used by Android, iOS, and even PC users. This exciting keyboard comes with exciting features that make chat flexible and quick. If you start using Gboard, you’ll discover that you can search for anything from Google without the need of going directly to the website. There are lots of emoji stickers and GIFs to make your chat and text messages more fun. But here, we’ll be focusing on the best Gboard emoji stickers that will turn your chat around to be more lively…

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Best Gboard Emoji Stickers For You
Best Gboard Emoji Stickers For You

Best Gboard Emoji Stickers

There are lots of Gboard’s emoji kitchen to lift up your mood and top-up the fun on your chat, and most of them are available for you.

During your chat, you can use these emoji stickers to express yourself as long as the person you’re chatting with understands the symbols.

From likely covid+ emoji to laugh out, love in the time of covid, mind blow, love at first sight, seduction mode, a killer virus, birthday party, etc. Other emoji symbols depict drunkenness, zip your mouth, shut up, feeling cold, feverish, queen bee, killer spider, a bouquet of roses, coffee tree, winter cake, angry dog, investment banker, double rainbow, chef kiss, whistling, fuming, blank face, real dead, etc…


How To Use Gboard Emoji

To use Gboard emoji, you need to first download or enable the Gboard app.
For Android users, you can click here to download the app on Play Store.

For iOS users, just click this link to download it on Apple Store.

  • Once you’ve already set up your Gboard in your device, you need to open and set it as the default keyboard on your phone.
  • Go to the Gboard’s settings
  • Go to “Preferences”
  • Then enable “Emoji Browsing Suggestions” to turn on the features.
  • Now you can open any app that is compatible with the Gboard emoji stickers, like WhatsApp or Facebook and start using them.


Setting up Gboard in Android depends on the type of version your device is running. There are some versions that Gboard will already be activated automatically even without the installation and setup process. Though you have to set it in some other versions.

The first thing is to open the app > then click on the “Enable in Settings” button > scroll down and go to “Input Methods” or “Languages & Input” > you’ll see a pop-up message telling you that “Gboard will collect all your texts” > tap “Ok” to enable it > then select the Input Method > select your preferred keyboard by tapping on “Gboard” > tap “Done” to confirm your action.

For iOS devices, open the Gboard app in your iPhone > Click on the “Get Started” button to set up a new keyboard > Go to “Settings” > Tap on “General” > Select “Keyboards” > Tap on “Add New Keyboard” > When the Add New Keyboard window opens up, you’ll tap on “Gboard” from the list of third-party keyboards > Turn on the Gboard button to allow full access > a message will pop-up asking if you want to “Allow Full Access for Gboard?” > Tap “ALLOW” > The next thing is for you to switch to the Gboard Keyboard. You need to tap and hold down the () icon and tap on the entry for Gboard.

Best Gboard Emoji Stickers For You