Automatic Call Recorder App Review 2021| Features, Pros & Cons

Automatic Call Recorder App Review 2021| Features, Pros & Cons

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Automatic Call Recorder App Review: If you’re looking for the best app to record your phone calls, then you should download the Automatic Call Recorder app. The app enables you to record incoming and outgoing phone conversations by simply shaking your phone. You can choose which phone call you to want to record and save on SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Google Drive, and DropBox. With more than 100 million downloads, the Automatic Call Recorder app is just the perfect recording app for you…

Recordings are important cos it helps you to be able to reserve your conference call, knowing fully well that the conversation can’t be reserved when you actually want it to stay with you. This is very important for the sake of future reference. It can also serve as a means of playing back for other participants not been able to attend the initial conference call. And with this, they can be able to follow up as regards any past audio conference call meeting.

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Automatic Call Recorder App
Automatic Call Recorder App

Features Of The Automatic Call Recorder App

Phone recording apps helps you to record phone calls while you’re on call. Whenever you’re having a conversation over the phone call, you can easily record and store it on your device with the help of the Automatic Call Recorder app. This app has some interesting features that help record your conference calls effectively.

There are about 3 default settings for your recording, such as Record everything (which records everything excluding pre-selected contacts), there’s the Ignore everything (which records no calls excluding pre-selected contacts to be recorded), then you have the Ignore Contacts setting (which records all calls with non-contacts excluding pre-selected ones).

Other features are as follows:

  • All recorded calls are stored in the inbox, which you can set the size of the inbox.
  • Any recording you want to save can only be limited by your device’s memory only.
  • You can be able to enable a Call Summary Menu whereby options will appear immediately after the call.
  • You can search for recordings by contact, phone number or note.


  • One thing that sets this app unique and different from others is that apart from all its exclusive wonderful features, it still comes with a search bar option that enables you to easily find call recordings, and your saved recording files.
  • There’s a built-in option that allows you to delete recordings within just a week, and also block calls enlisted in the automatic removal option.


Although, the app comes with a few cons, and most notably is the fact that there’s no clarity as regards recording conversations with the app.

Automatic Call Recorder App Review

Note: You need to note that this app does not support call recording from all phone devices. So, in order to know if your device supports it, you need to first try the free version before purchasing the paid version.


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