3 Steps To Do ATT iPhone 3-Way Conference Call 2021 | 3-Way Call On iPhone AT&T

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3 Steps To Do ATT iPhone 3-Way Conference Call | 3-Way Call On iPhone AT&T: Three-Way calling enables you to link about three parties while on a conference call, which is available on iPhone devices. You don’t have to worry about anything, cos it doesn’t come with any additional cost. All you have to do is to add another number while currently engaging on an existing two-party conference call. If you wish to learn how to do an ATT iPhone 3-Way conference call, then this article is the right guide for you.

Conference calls have become something that’s been common recently amongst iPhone users. This enables users to get the chance to communicate with other participants at the same time while on call. You can add other participants on the conference call by dialing their phone numbers respectively, and connect with them. Although it’s very cool, there are charges based on the type of calls you place (either locally or internationally), which will be calculated based on your calling plan minutes.

One thing about this 3-Way conference call is that all parties can be able to leave the conversation just by hanging up their respective phones, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still continue with the other party. Although, if you decide to leave the call otherwise, the other two parties can still carry on if they wish to. If you’re the person the set up the conference call or added the third party, you alone can be able to remove the person from the conference call.

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ATT iPhone 3-Way Conference Call
ATT iPhone 3-Way Conference Call

How To Do ATT iPhone 3-Way Conference Call

If you want to do an ATT iPhone 3-Way conference call, you have to follow the steps below:

  • While on an active call, you just have to press the “Flash” button to place the first call on hold.
  • Then dial the new number and press the # key.
  • Immediately that person receives the call, press “Flash” to connect all the three parties together.

If there is any case whereby the third party didn’t pick up the call, you can simply return and continue with the first caller.

Note: If you want to remove the third-party, or you wanna disconnect both callers, then you should press “Flash” or “Hang up” respectively.

ATT iPhone 3-Way Conference Call