ATT Free Conference Call 2021| How To Make AT&T Free Conference Call

ATT Free Conference Call 2021| How To Make AT&T Free Conference Call

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Have you been looking for a way to make an ATT free conference call? You’re surely on the right site to put you through. Conference calls have become something that’s been common recently amongst iPhone users. With this, you get the chance to communicate with other participants at the same time while on call. Participants who wish to join any conference call join by dialing a number that connects to other lines. But right here, we’re going to focus on the ATT free conference call…

With conference calls, you can add other participants by dialing their phone numbers and connect with them. Apart from adding, you can as well merge or even disconnect callers, depending on your carrier. If you startup a conference call, for instance, on iPhone, then know that you’re the only person who can see the names of all the participants. But should there be any case where another person starts the conference call, and you, in turn, adds another participant, then you can only see the name of the host and the person you added only.

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How To Make AT&T Free Conference Call
How To Make AT&T Free Conference Call

How Then Can You Be Able To Make An ATT Free Conference Call?

What you should do about setting up ATT free conference call is that it can take up to five people to participate with you at a time. You can add people to your call, merge calls, place someone on hold, etc.

To set up an ATT free conference call, you need to follow the steps below:

  • When you’re on an active call, you have to select “Add call.”
  • Select your desired Contact, and select the “Call” icon. If you wish, you can enter a phone number by selecting “Keypad” > enter the desired phone number > then select the “Call” icon.
  • Your call will then be placed on Hold on that process.
  • You can then switch between active calls by selecting “Swap.”
  • Next up is to select “Merge Calls” to set up your conference call.
  • After merging, you can then view all the numbers you’ve merged by selecting the “Info” icon.
  • You can separate the calls by selecting “Private” next to the desired “Contact or Number. Once you do this, the selected call will become private while others will be placed on hold.
  • If you want to end any of the active calls, you have to select “End” next to the desired Contact or Number.
  • Go back to the call screen and select “Back.”
  • Select the “End call” icon to end the conference call entirely.
How To Make AT&T Free Conference Call


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