ATT Conference Call Recording 2021 | AT&T Conference Call Options

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ATT Conference Call Recording | AT&T Conference Call Options: Right in this article, we’re going to update you on the ATT conference call recording, and all the call recording options available for you to use. A recording is important cos it helps you to be able to reserve your conference call, knowing fully well that the conversation can’t be reserved when you actually want it to stay with you. This is very important for the sake of future reference. It can also serve as a means of playing back for other participants not been able to attend the initial conference call. And with this, they can be able to follow up as regards the past conference call meeting.

There’s no doubt the conference call feature is something that has become part of phone callers. This enables users to get the chance to communicate with other participants at the same time while on call. Although it’s very cool, there are charges based on the type of calls you place (either locally or internationally), which will be calculated based on your calling plan minutes.

You can add other participants on the conference call by dialing their phone numbers respectively, and connect with them. Apart from adding, you can as well merge or even disconnect callers, depending on your carrier. Right here, we’re going to be focusing on how the ATT conference call recording works, with the proper guideline as regards the call options…

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ATT Conference Call Recording
ATT Conference Call Recording

How To Make ATT Conference Call Recording

Before making any ATT conference call recording, you just have to first bear in mind that any recording made is always available for about 30 days+, which depends on if a digitalized replay end-date is past the 30 days of the initial recording date.

Now you can follow the steps below for your proper recording:

  • When you’re on a conference call as the host, you have to press *2 to start recording.
  • When you do this, you’ll hear a command that states “Please stand by.”
  • Then when the connection has already been established, you’ll hear another command stating “This call will now be recorded.”
  • If other participants join the conference call, they’ll be notified via the voice command that “This conference is being recorded as requested by the host.”
  • Now, if you want to pause the recording temporarily, you’ll have to press *2 and press it again to continue.
  • You can stop the recording entirely by pressing *2, and you’ll hear “Conference recording has stopped.”
ATT Conference Call Recording