5 Best Android Apps To Record Phone Calls Secretly 2021

5 Best Android Apps To Record Phone Calls Secretly 2021

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Do you know you can record calls secretly? This is very important cos it lets you record anyone on a voice call, to know what they’re talking about. That is why we’ve decided to prepare for you the best Android apps to record phone calls secretly. These apps are quite cool with lots of features required to record someone without them knowing. Interestingly, if you’re a secret agent or someone who wants to gather information from someone, you need to have any of these apps installed on your phone.

Phone recording apps helps you to record phone calls while you’re on call. Whenever you’re having a conversation over the phone call, you can easily record and store it on your device with the help of any of these apps. There are lots of recording apps out there no doubt, but right here, we’re going to outline for you a host of apps to record phone calls secretly on your Android device.

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List Of Apps To Record Phone Calls Secretly On Your Android Phone

Below consists of fascinating secret apps to record phone calls effectively:

Automatic Call Recorder

This is one of the best apps to record phone calls secretly on your Android phone. Interestingly, you can record incoming and outgoing phone conversations by simply shaking your phone. You can save your record files and via SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Google Drive, and DropBox.

CCall Recorder Pro

Call Recorder is another interesting recording app with lots of features. You can record calls, save conversations, and also access the contacts. There’s also a password secure option that grants you the opportunity to protect your privacy. There are other options like Listening, Edit, Send, Favorite, etc.

Hidden Call Recorder

This is another cool app for recording incoming and outgoing calls. This app makes use of cloud technology to store files, and it works on the built-in phone calling and messaging apps. You can record the files and save them in 3GPP or MPEG 4 file formats.

Spyzie Call Recorder

Spyzie is the best recorder app suitable for recording calls secretly. Apart from recording someone’s phone call, you can also access the person’s call list if you want to. Interestingly, you don’t need to root your phone device before you can perform this task.


TTSPY ranks top amongst secret phone record apps. With its unique features, you can record someone’s call without them even knowing. There are lots of things you can do with this app, such as checking the person’s live location, access to all the person’s messages, access media files of the person, access the browsing history, and also access all the apps on the person’s phone without them knowing. Unlike the other apps, you have to first register via the app’s official site before you can install the app.

Apps To Record Phone Calls

5 Best Android Apps To Record Phone Calls Secretly