How To Annotate On Zoom 2021| Anonotate on Zoom Mobile

How To Annotate On Zoom 2021| Anonotate on Zoom Mobile

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How To Annotate On Zoom: Wanna learn how to annotate on Zoom? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Due to the pandemic, many users have been looking for a way to get connected through different platforms, including Zoom. And right now, Zoom has finally brought the annotation tool so as to help you engage in a more standard online meeting. You can annotate on Zoom with the use of a Whiteboard or via sharing your application screen. As long as you’re eligible to use the annotation tool, you’ll find out various items which you can be able to use.

Engaging in Zoom meetings gives you the opportunity to be in control of certain features on the platform. As a host, you can easily use annotation tools while you host any Zoom meeting, with just a few taps. The hosts are not only the people to use annotation, but as an attendee, you’re equally allowed to use annotation but it’ll based on the permission of the host. So, just read through this article further below so you can see how to annotate on Zoom…

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Annotate On Zoom
Annotate On Zoom

How Do You Annotate On Zoom?

What you should know first is that this annotation access comes in two categories; there’s one for free users and for the paid users. And accessing annotation tools also has to do with your screen.

The first thing now is to enable the annotation on your device if it’s yet to be enabled. One thing that is clear here is that the steps for both free and paid users differ a bit.
As for the free users; you’ll have to sign in to Zoom > go to the Settings > locate the Meeting tab and tap “Meeting (Basic)” > then finally, scroll down and toggle on “Annotation.”

Whereas for the paid users; you have to go to Account Management > then locate “Account Settings” > go to the Meeting tab and tap “Meeting (Basic)” > scroll down and toggle on “Annotation.”

Now that you’ve enabled annotation, next up is for you to be able to annotate on Zoom. We’re going to show you the steps for both PC and Mobile devices below…

Annotation On Desktop Computer

  • What you need to do is to choose the Whiteboard option on the screen sharing so you can access the annotation tools.
  • To share your desktop screen, click on “Share Screen.”
  • Then tap on “Screen.”
  • Once you’re on the screen you want to share, click on the “Annotate” button located on the floating toolbar. This will now bring out the annotation bar on the top of the screen sharing.

Annotation On Mobile Device

  • To annotate on the top of a screen, you need to first click on the “Share” button located at the middle-bottom of the screen.
  • Select “Screen” and grant permission to record sensitive content.
  • Then click on the small Annotation icon located at the bottom left corner.

With that, you can now get access to annotation tools like Pen, Highlighter, and as well as Spotlight from the screen.

If you’re permitted, you can also be able to annotate on another person’s shared screen. And it’s just simple. All you need to do is to click on the “View Options” located at the top of the window > and then click on “Annotate.”

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