Anna Perp
Anna Perp

In this article contains Anna Perp biography, where she is from, age and other little information which we where able to find around the web. The article is prone to edit as more useful information about her surfaces.

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Anna Perp Biography

Anna Perp was born around 1989 0r 1990 as her age was not ascertained, she is from Harlem is a neighborhood in Upper Manhattan, New York City.

She came to know as the Girl In “Purple Swag” Video A$AP Rocky music single.

A$AP Rocky in an interview described her ” She was just one of my friends. She’s so crazy, her with the grilles and everything, I was like “Yo, we need to do a video with you rapping along to the lyrics.” For “Purple Swag,” I always knew I wanted to use a girl for that part, and she just was perfect, so we used her. She just was having fun the whole time, lip-syncing and shit.”

Anna Perp age

Anna Perp is cool, fun and She does use the [word “nigga”] all the time – you know, she’s cool like that. She smokes. She drinks. She’s cool…she’s sexy. She’s cute”.

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