15 Android Browser With Flash | Android browser with flash support

15 Android Browser With Flash | Android browser with flash support

Android Browser With Flash

Android Browser With Flash is quit essential for streaming videos, listening to audios and playing games while browsing through with your mobile browser.

What Is Flash Player

the flash player supports web browsers became necessary in 2012 when Google released Android 4.1 Jelly bean. The feature required all browsers to support flash players to support graphics.

Flashplayer supports no longer downloadable in the Google Play Store and dropped from the mobile platform.

Practical to watching TV on your phone or playing a bunch of online games, Flash was an application that separated the Android environment from iOS, for better and worse.

Android Browser With Flash

The browsers below are listed randomly with no priority attached. the browser listed below and tested to come with a flash player to give you a better browsing and gaming experience.

Puffin browser

 Puffin browser

Puffin browser is one of the awesome browsers with a flash player that give you high-quality video and gaming graphic experience. the flash player is has a dynamic flash that runs in the cloud but behaves like its running locally on your phone.

Puffin browser is a browser you can tweak as you want to suit your mode at any particular time.

Since it has the flash technology, users with the puffin browser can access the flash videos and games. The other characteristics of the puffin are that it has the browser’s virtual trackpad and gamepad.

Download Puffin browser Now

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin browser is a soft was developed by MoboTap and it was an app designed to sustain multi-touch gestures.

What is unique with Dolphin Browser

  • Dolphin Sonar- voice search. 
  • It can sync devices using chrome or firefox.
  • Gesture browsing is available in this browser.
  • Webzine- the content on the web appears in the magazine format.

DOWNLOAD Dolphin Browser NOW

Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser

Kiwi is among the newly introduced browsers that you have access to many settings options.

It is a fast browser that comes with Night mode enabled, cryptojacking protection, east language translations, and the AdBlock feature gives you peaceful browsing experience.

What is unique with Kiwi Browser

  • Ad Blocking
  • Night Mode
  • Cryptojacking Protection.
  • East language translations.

It’s the only downside is, you don’t get a desktop sync option with it but still offers multiple functionalities to keep its users satisfied


Flash Fox

Flash Fox

Flash fox is a premium browser that comes with several features that makes browsing experience interesting. It comes with flash player for browsing media and playing online games. It’s fast in loading flash contents.

What is unique with Flash Fox Browser

  • It is an all-in-one browser.
  • No extra plugins and ad-ons are required.
  • Safe and secure flash player for Android Browser. 

You will enjoy playing animated games, audio and video files and watching online videos with its pro version.

It’s reviewed among many browsers as the fastest flash player. It comes with all of the browser’s key features. This software helps you to enjoy live sports, Youtube, Flash videos, movies, news, and games.


Firefox Browser

Firefox Browser

Firefox is one of the most popular browsings that gives its user certifying browsing experience in several ramifications.

What is unique with Firefox Browser

  • Decent ad-blocking tool
  • One-tap history deletion system.
  • Automatic privacy and fast browsing. 

Firefox browser has the ability to delete all your browsing history in one click. so not recommended for people who avoid multiple sign-ins. 


Maxthon Browser

Maxthon Browser

Maxthon is a web browser that is supported by all types of mobile iOs. It has its own unique features that help it to compete in the browser application market.

What is unique with Maxthon Browser

  • Data Saving
  • Fetch Mode
  • Password manager tool.
  • Incognito Mode and Night Mode.
  • Tab Management, easy synchronization, multi-language support, and night mode.


Lynket Browser

Lynket Browser

Lynket browser is a browser with multitasking ability and its core functions are that it works on a custom tabs protocol mechanism.

Although it was renamed in 2018, its core functions remain the same. It works on a Custom Tabs protocol mechanism. 

With its multitasking ability, it is best suited for frequent browsers.


Naked Browser

Naked Browser

It looks my discourage but the naked browser is on the lightweight application that does not compromise with its functionality.

Naked browser is a very bare-bones browser without much of a visual presence; however, it is free and ad-less and supports both Flash and HTML5.

What is unique with Naked Browser

  • Rapid speed,
  • infinite tabs,
  • free of cost,
  • and no spy at all


Lightning Browser

Lightning Browser

It is the software which the Mozilla Foundation is building. It has features such as long navigation by click, sudden exit, tabbed net surfing, adobe flash video, etc. It helps display content from the camera, stream camera images, flash games, etc.


Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is one of the most secured browsers that come with the flash player feature that enables its users to watch media and play high graphics games online.

What is unique with Microsoft Edge Browser

  • Blocks Ads
  • It supports private browsing.
  • It provides a lot of customizable features.

Experience a continuous and uninterrupted browsing experience with this fast, safe, and secure Android Browser. It is known for providing legal services and offers light but useful functionalities.


Photon Browser 

Photon Browser

Download this powerful android browser directly from the Google Play Store with a flash. It comes with an integrated flash player, and supports essential features for faster performance and easier browsing.

What is unique with Photon Browser

  • Incognito and private browsing support.
  • Supports various versions of Flash Players.
  • It comes with an ad-blocker tool. 
  • VPN connection. 


Boat Browser

Boat Browser

boat browser is an amazing smartphone browser that comes with a flash that supports youtube video support, voice search, etc. it is an app programmed by boatmob; inc.

The other extra features of this browser are personalizing the background, and volume control

What is unique with Boat Browser

  • Voice search
  • Personalize background
  • Volume control


xScope Browser

xScope Browser

This one of the top browsers on mobile phone devices that comes with many new features alongside the flash player. Jellybean, ICS, Nexus, Galaxy III, etc are among the devices that the xSCope browser works well with.

Its performance is fast and has features like ad blocking, zooming, and saving the battery.

What is unique with xScope Browser

  • flash player
  • adblocking
  • zooming
  • Battery saver


Lightning Browser

It is the software developed by the Mozilla Foundation. It has features like long-press navigation, sudden exit, tabbed net surfing, adobe flash player, etc. It helps in viewing flash content, streaming flash videos, flash games, etc.

DOWNLOAD Lightning Browser HERE

 Opera Browser

 Opera Browser

Opera browser is one of the oldest browsers in the market and they come with a flash player which enable them to browse the site with high-quality media.

Opera browser is among our list of Android Browser With Flash.

It is ideally suited for an Android OS, and supports a user experience of extremely private browsing. On performance land, Google Chrome is on a par with that.

What is unique with xScope Browser

  • It blocks unwanted ads that support uninterrupted browsing and speeds up the loading process.
  • Its incognito mode keeps your surfing private and ensures that you do not leave any traces behind.
  • Night mode and text size setting promise a comfortable reading experience.
  • It has an in-built VPN connection that keeps all your online activity hidden from unwanted eyes.


Fast Internet Web Browser

It’s the fastest and most stable Android mobile Web browser available. It’s the version with flash player built-in. In this browser, the web pages are loaded easily. It supports the video in flash and the HTML5 version. This has a new protection feature and the browser’s full-screen mode.


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How To Install Flash player On the browser

Option 1: Install FlashFox browser

  1. From the Play Store, install FlashFox. Please note that we do not endorse any particular app, so please install FlashFox at your own risk. 
  2. Note: FlashFox has ads on the bottom of the screen. To avoid ads, please follow option 2 below.

Option 2: Install Adobe Flash Player and Firefox

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Select Security (or Applications, on older Android OS versions).
  3. Select Unknown Sources to enable it (tap OK to confirm)
  4. Download Adobe Flash Player for Android 4.x (For other Android versions, e.g. 3.x and below, see the list of Flash Player versions and scroll down to Flash Player for Android archives).
  5. When the download completes, open Notifications. 
  6. Tap install_flash_player.apk.
  7. When prompted, tap Install and once installed tap Done.
  8. From the Play Store, install Firefox.

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How to Use a Web Browser An Get the best out of it

  1. Get acquainted with the web browser you are using. 
  2. Once the browser is open, time the time to notice the Address Bar, which is the URL (website address) where you are located. 
  3. Next, notice the tools that are surrounding the Address Bar. For example, there will usually be a “Page Back” and “Page Forward” button, usually indicated by a forward and backward arrow. 
  4. Above the web browser’s icons that you’ve just looked at, you’ll notice a series of help menus, such as “File,” “Edit,” “View,” “History,” “Bookmarks” or “Favorites,”, as well as “Tools,” and “Help.” All of these menus are placed there because they may be able to help you at one time or the other.
  5. Two important things to know how to do are to get to a specific website destination of your choice and make that website one of your “favorites” or “bookmarks.”