About Us

About Us

About Us

NewGia.com Is a growing foundation whose goal is to support the depressed and prevent them from committing suicide or taken some else life.

The Epidemic of depression in our world today is faster than the spread of cancer. The news of suicide is on the increase, especially in Africa and the main cause of it is depression.

NewGia Foundation provide an open space for those in distress to talk and be heard. This is via telephone helplines, SMS messaging, face to face, Internet chat, outreach and local partnerships.

The fight against depression is to be taken seriously, because the person close to you may be going through depression and he/she will be hiding it behind the golden smile and you feel that all is well with them.

The Founder of NewGia Foundation is Useh Emmanuel, a philanthropist who has sacrificed a lot to see that this foundation is established, he has developed this website www.newgia.com (NEW GOD IS AWESOM) to serve as a question and answer forum where everyone is free to ask question on all aspect of life and get answers.

It is commonly said that “A problem discussed is half solve”, My friend, Brother, daddy and mummy do not die in salience, open up to us using the question and answer platform so that we can share what you are going through with others, I strongly believe that you will find solutions/answers to your problems/questions on this platform.

The fight against Depression is a collective one, NewGia needs any kind of support which will be beneficial to archiving the aim of this foundation.

Fund is essential towards achieving our goals in other to reach everyone who is depressed and save him/her from committing suicide or killing someone else.

You can be part of the depression help and support movement by making a free-will donation. (CLICK DONATE )

You can follow our growing community on Facebook: Facebook Page, and Facebook discussion group.